Half-term writing challenge – 22nd May 2014

underwater world








Your task this time is to write a short story with an underwater setting.

Think about:

– Who are the characters?

– What happens?

-How does the story end?

Include:  lots and lots of adjectives; adverbs; powerful verbs.  Try to think about using a new paragraph for each part of the story.

Don’t forget: punctuation – capital letters and full stops, ! ? “,

5 Super Sentences or around 100 Wonderful Words.


Mrs Corke

Year 3 100 Word or 5 sentence challenge – Wednesday 7th May 2014

100WC 3rd MayThis week you have an unusual picture from the 100 Word Challenge on the the Primary Blogger website.


Think about:

-What can you see?

-What do you think is happening?

-What could happen next?

REMEMBER!  Adjectives, adverbs and lots of careful punctuation!  Also, 3 paragraphs – start a new one for your detailed answer to each question.

5 Super Sentences or 100 Wonderful Words – it’s up to you!



Year 3 Five Sentence Challenge – Wednesday 23rd April 2014

Here is a picture for this week’s Five Sentence Challenge:

Spring-Branch-Free-Wallpaper1-1024x768           Think about:  – what you can see

– where could the road be going?

– what might be at the end of it?

Remember your punctuation, use lots of adjectives and get writing!

Year 3 100 word challenge – Wednesday 23rd April 2014

Here is this week’s prompt from the Primary Blogger 100 Word Challenge Website:

‘but I could not find the egg …’

Your challenge is to write 100 words around that phrase, so think about: Where are you?  Why are you looking for an egg?  What sort of egg?  Why can’t you find it?

REMEMBER! Lots of description – adjectives, adverbs, powerful verbs.

Think about PARAGRAPHS – the answer to each question could form a new paragraph.

Time to get writing!!


Year 3 writing challenge for Wednesday 12th March 2014

This time I am giving you a descriptive opening.  Use your imagination to describe what you could see.

REMEMBER!  Punctuation – .  !  ?  ,  ”  ”

Amazing adjectives to describe what you can see.

Awesome adverbs and verbs to describe what is happening and how you are feeling.


As the silver mist began to clear, I looked down into the valley below.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.



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